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Professor Argento on “Does Your Boss Own Your Social Network”?

Posted by David Logan on 09/10/2013 at 11:51 AM

One of the many RWU law faculty working on cutting edge issues is Zoe Argento, and her latest work, on social networks, is, guess what - lighting up the Internet.

Here is an abstract of her article from the most recent issue of the University of Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review:

Who has the superior right to a social network account? This is the question in a growing number of disputes between employers and workers over social network accounts. The problem has no clear legal precedent. Although the disputes implicate rights under trademark, copyright, and privacy law, these legal paradigms fail to address the core issue. At base, disputes over social network accounts are disputes over the right to access the people, sometimes numbering in the tens of thousands, who follow an account. This Article evaluates the problem from the perspective of the public interest in social network use, particularly the use that blurs professional and personal roles. The Article argues that the public interest is best served by resolving these disputes under a trade secret approach.

Here are some links to the buzz her piece has generated:




Way to go, Zoe!