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Posted by on 02/18/2010 at 10:29 AM

<p>I never study in the library. It’s not that I don’t like the library (it’s actually quite nice in there), but I just can’t be productive there. Now, I say this while my upstairs neighbor practices his bass guitar (I guess you’re never too old for teenage angst) and I watch “High Fidelity” and write this entry rather than editing a paper, but still I just never get work done in the library. I can often be spotted in there bothering friends of mine that are trying to do work, or hunting down people that I need to borrow a syllabus from, but only on the rarest of occasions can I be seen in a cubby with a book open in front of me. Nor will you ever find me with high lighters. I used to have them, I actually thought they were cool, but the only purpose they served was to shade in certain parts of the giant fighting robots that now decorate the inside of my 1L Torts book (if you re-bought my book, you’re welcome for the artwork).&nbsp; Eventually, when the T-rex that was traipsed across the “Duty of Care” section (is this part of Torts? I actually forgot) became too much of a distraction, I threw the highlighters out and stuck to pen and paper. Or, er, my computer. Whichever. The moral of the story is that I underline a lot. And I don’t study in the library. Take from that what you will, folks</p>