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Heather O’Connor is a 3L. After a seven year marriage and three kids, Heather went through a divorce that left her questioning what to do with her life. She decided to become an attorney and has never looked back since beginning the long journey. She entered a local community college after...

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Really? We're Only Going on Week 3???

Posted by Heather O'Connor on 02/18/2010 at 11:13 AM

This past week was a very, very long week.  There’s a study somewhere that states Roger William School of Law Students have earned the ranking of one of the highest, if not the highest score, regarding how many hours per day a student here studies.  Please don’t ask me where I read this study right now because it is 10:30 on a Sunday night and I think I put in over 35 hours of studying this weekend alone.  I’m tired.  But I remember reading the results and wondering why we earned this particular title.  Are the students here more competitive?  Did the school expect more out of the students because of our rankings?  Are the students here more dedicated to learning and becoming better lawyers?  Are we a bit slow?  (just kidding)  I still don’t know the answer, but I know from the many facebook status’s that tout messages along the lines of, “Another long night in the library,” or “Thank God it’s the weekend – I can now catch up on all my reading,” that it must be true.  It’s also evident from the many yellow highlighter marks that have stained my bed sheets as I fall asleep to an obviously very exciting Constitutional Law case.  Law school in general is hard.  I mean, law students don’t have the same free time as, let’s say med students who I guess have enough time to become Craigslist killers.

I can’t speak for everyone, especially since my situation differs substantially than many of the other students here, but I spend so much time reading.  I’m sure it’s not that professors at Roger Williams giggle to themselves as they think of us pouring over our books trying to read, understand, and remember details about case after case after case after case . . . you get the point.  I was asked the other day if I still brief my cases.  I do.  However, I have to.  I think I have the worst memory in the world for remembering case names.  I can’t even get my kids’ names straight all the time when I’m tired!  I love when I get called on to analyze the holding in one specific case to another case, and I can’t remember what either case is about just from hearing a name.  I have to say, I’m getting better at it, but it’s still a struggle for me.  So I brief everything.  I’m also a person who learns best from not only reading it, but having to take the time to write it all out and see it take form on paper, or well, the computer screen.  But all that stuff takes forever.  Reading that I could get through in about 45 minutes can take me three times that long.  But, hey, it seems to work for me, so I’m sticking with it. I reserve the right to complain about it every once in a while though!

I’m not sure what my point is right now.  I’m tired, I’m frustrated, and there’s a whole week ahead of me in less than 12 hours.  Law school is a lot of work.  Most days aren’t too bad.  I normally really love being in school.  However, every once in a while (or week) you’re gonna have a day where you are just sick of it.  It’s normal, it happens to everyone, and you will get through it.  I’m sure after a good night sleep I’ll be ready to start week three off fresh.  Hopefully.  If not, thank god for coffee.