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My name is Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye. I am originally from Providence, RI and graduated from Classical High School in Providence. I attended the University of Rhode Island and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History. While I was completing my undergraduate coursework,...

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Reflections on an amazing weekend

Posted by Kevin Olasanoye on 06/20/2010 at 07:50 PM

I just finished an amazing weekend in London (except for the weather) and decided it would be a good time to update you all on what’s been going on. I got a chance to go to the London Eye, which is basically a huge ferris wheel in the center of London. It goes about 400 yards above sea level and gives you a wonderful view of Central London. From the very top, you can see Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace (no, I did not see the Queen), Big Ben, and Parliament. Maybe the coolest part of the whole experience was the 4D movie we saw after buying our tickets (much better than the MTV movie awards commercials).

I went to a reception with the RWU London crew in the Inner Temple, where we had the opportunity to meet with barristers (one of the two legal professions within the British legal system, barristers are basically courtroom litigators) and clarks (clarks basically act as sports agents for the barristers in the British legal system. The clarks tell the barristers where and when to be in court and negotiate their fees) in the Inner Temple. I had a very interesting conversation with William Lavell, the Senior Clerk in Professor Webster’s chambers. Will has worked in the same chambers (the equivalent of a law firm) for nearly 30 years and shared his love for his vocation, football (England has drawn in both of their World Cup matches and are in danger of not making it out of their group, which does not play well in the country that the game was invented in), and English beer.

Then came the weekend. We had classmates who travelled all over Europe. Some folks went to the Royal Ascot here in London (the British version of the Kentucky Derby). Some folks went on a trip to Berlin and toured the concentration camps in Germany. Others spent time in Paris and Spain taking in the sites. As for me, I decided to stay in London and celebrate my 26th birthday in Leicester Square (the London equivalent to Times Square) with family and friends. We had incredible food (I had ribs!!!) and there was lots of stuff to get into (there was a Planet Hollywood, movie theaters, fast food, clubs, bars and much more all within walking distance).

While I am on the subject of food, I thought I would put a rumor about London to rest. Apparently, London is notorious for its bad food. All I heard about was fish and chips and how I would be sick of it by week two. I have to tell you that has not been my experience. For instance, tonight I had dinner at Zizzi, an Italian restaurant on Charlotte Street (just in case you were looking for a good place to eat in London). Coming from Rhode Island where we have the most amazing Italian on Federal Hill, I am hard to please when it comes to Italian cuisine. But the Risotto Di Pesce (tiger prawns, salmon, calamari in a rich risotto with spinach and a whole lot of loving) was phenomenal! So were the Street Tacos (chips and salsa were amazing, as were the duck and tiger prawn tacos with pico de gallo) we had at the Mexican restaurant further down the same street (sorry I don’t have the name of the restaurant for you but I am not being paid for these endorsements). Anyone who says the food here is not good has clearly spent way too much time in the pubs!

Tomorrow, we are all beginning our internships. I will be marshalling (that’s the term for my internship) with His Honor Judge Nic Madge (his official title includes the words His Honor). HHJ Madge is an accomplished author, photographer and, from what I have been told, an impressive judge (he is a criminal as well as civil court judge, a rare thing for someone his age). Before becoming a judge, he was a solicitor (the other kind of legal profession in the British legal framework. Solicitors work closely with barrister’s clarks to determine which barrister is the best fit for clients based on experience and the kind of fee the barrister commands). I am so excited I can barely sleep, hence the late-night blog entry….