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Olabisi M. Davies is a third-year student at RWU Law. Olabisi was born in Nigeria and has lived in Rhode Island since age 6. She is the president of the Association of Public Interest Law (APIL) and the 3L representative to the Student Bar Association.

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Remembering a Perfect Summer -- in the Bronx!

Posted by Olabisi Davies on 11/12/2015 at 10:17 AM

It's hard to believe that several months have now passed since I spent the summer interning at Bronx Defenders (BXD) in New York!

Now that the cold weather and early sunsets are fast making winter a reality, I am remembering my summer experiences with gratitude. Working with BXD was such a blessing – and one that ended on a high note, as I gave the closing argument at a fact-finding hearing on my final morning on the job! Again I feel truly blessed that, over the course of my law school journey so far, I've been afforded the opportunity to intern with phenomenal organizations and supervising attorneys in Rhode Island, California, Louisiana – and now New York.

In fact, my summer at BXD offered the perfect balance between gaining vital, real-life legal experience, and enjoying a much-needed vacation! My spirit feels different now, recharged; I was glowing as the summer wound to an end, feeling relaxed and generally happy (Alhamdulillah)!

Looking back from chilly November, I feel that everything I experienced was well worth it, including (but not limited to):

  • my three-hour daily commutes on the silver snake (the train, to you non-New Yorkers);
  • the delicious beef patties I’d purchase on my walks home;
  • the Candy Crush games played with my supervising attorney to calm my nerves;
  • the community intake sessions (Lord God bless those who can give legal advice about anything and everything!);
  • the BXD scavenger hunt, with colleagues that I no longer call interns, but friends;
  • the Jamaican and Halal food carts that satisfied my hunger pangs on a law student's budget;
  • the research and writing I completed (often while scratching my head about New York citation styles);
  • my experiences in the Family & Criminal Courts;
  • BXD’s rigorous trial-training program;
  • many happy hours spent at the BXD Block Party;
  • chasing the ice-cream truck;
  • … and did I mention that four weeks of all this took place while I was fasting for Ramadan?
  • … which in turn brings to mind the Iftar (fast-breaking) dinners at NYU and Ibadu Rahman – good times, good laughs, much-appreciated invitations!

By the time it all ended, I felt like New York was home for all practical purposes. My family in the area also helped make it a wonderful experience – I am truly grateful to them for sharing their space, for making sure I was never homesick, for the laughter, for the family bonding. (You know you love where you are when you enter a home and your heart smiles!) It felt bittersweet to leave, but I know I’ll be back. May Allah grant me the ability to pay them back for all that they have done and more (Ameen)!

Lastly, thank you Mom for paying all of my bills – you're truly one of a kind. Whenever I'd complain you'd just say “Allah will provide,” and sure enough He did! You've made my law school journey so much easier. I appreciate all of your support and how you never tell me my dreams are too big – only that I have to chase them!