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Researching the Aaron Hernandez Trial

Posted by Library Blog on 02/20/2015 at 11:29 AM

While the Aaron Hernandez trial may not be capturing the attention of the nation in quite the same way that the O.J. Simpson trial did, it is getting some attention, at least locally. There are many news outlets, especially sports news outlets, who are covering the trial extensively. The Legal Beagle decided to try some Aaron Hernandez trial-related research using the internet and tools available through the library and discovered several items which may be of interest to a law student:

While not a court document, the Sporting News website has a handy timeline of the events which is helpful in understanding the history of the crime and trial.

ESPN, and several other sources, uploaded court documents which were released to the media in July, 2013. These documents include a completed application for a search warrant and the supporting affidavit from Massachusetts.

These documents, also uploaded by ESPN, include a completed application for a search warrant and the supporting affidavit from Florida.

The Boston Herald uploaded a defense motion and a copy of the Commonwealth’s witness list.

Jury Instruction imageThe Boston Globe uploaded a copy of the jury questionnaire.

Even more information can be found on this topic if one uses proprietary legal databases. For example, using WestlawNext and Bloomberg Law, one can access the case docket. (However, it does not appear to be up-to-date.) Using WestlawNext, one can search and discover trial court orders and trial court documents from this case. Finally, using Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, one can read up on background information about the trial court judge, Susan E. Garsh.

If you want to dig further, stop by the library and we can give you some tips and tricks on how to discover even more. In the meantime, if you want to follow along with the trial online, try the Boston Globe’s website.