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Michael J. Yelnosky became the dean of Roger Williams University School of Law on July 1, 2014.

Dean Yelnosky is a founding member of the RWU Law faculty. He served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for four years, and he was named Distinguished Service Professor in 2011. He has also...

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RWU Law Continues To Add Skills Programs and Faculty

Posted by Michael Yelnosky on 08/12/2016 at 11:40 AM

One hallmark of an education at RWU Law is instruction in lawyering skills.  We teach students both how to think like lawyers and how to act like lawyers.  We have been recognized for our innovative curriculum, and last year we joined a small group of law schools that now require a third semester of instruction in legal writing, one of the most important lawyering skills. This year we welcome two new members of the faculty who will help us continue to deliver the best legal writing instruction to our students.  We are not just saying it, we are putting our money where our mouth is and investing in even more skills instruction.

Professor Irina GottIrina Gott joins the faculty as a Professor of Legal Practice.  She has been teaching legal writing to law students since 2006 and has taught at three other law schools.  She therefore brings a wealth of experience to her new position at RWU Law.  Professor Gott also practiced law for almost ten years, so she is well aware of the kinds of writing lawyers do and the ways to make that writing most effective.




Justin Kimbaugh, Ph.D.

Justin Kimbaugh, Ph.D.Justin Kishbaugh will hold the position of Writing Specialist, and in that role he will be available to assist all students with their writing.  Professor Kishbaugh will bring a unique perspective to his work as our Writing Specialist because he is, indeed, a specialist in writing, having earned a Ph.D. in English Literature in 2014.  And if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Kishbaugh has experience teaching writing at a law school.  He comes to us from Duquesne University and its School of Law, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.