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RWU Mighty Quahogs Successful Season Ends in Virginia

Posted by David Logan on 05/04/2010 at 10:00 AM

For the second consecutive year, the RWU Quahogs advanced to the quarterfinals of the 27th annual University of Virginia Law Softball Invitational.  In the opening game, in front of a cast of thousands, or at least 200, the Quahogs lost on a walkoff homerun against UVA Blue 10-9, overcoming a UVA 1st inning that featured five straight home runs.  According to pitcher and co-captain Bobby Self, "I knew what I was doing."  The rest of pod play featured a 33-0 win over Penn and a defeat of NYU 24-1.  In the playoffs, the team beat Vermont 18-2 and then Harvard 25-0.  However, in the elite 8, they were defeated by Ave Maria 15-12.

Photo  of Mighty Quohogs

Back row from left to right- 1L John Pensa, 3L Jason Pullman, 2L Zach Mandell, 3L Dave Cheverie, 1L Dylan "Mario Andretti" Murphy, 3L Jackson Parmenter, 3L Jon Myhrie, 3L Josh Barker, 3L Matt Shechtman; Front row from left to right- 3L Andrew Buchetto, 3L Jeff Kakish, 3L Rob Hadlow, 3L Bobby "Coach" Self, 3L Nick "let me explain that political cartoon to you" Amaral, and 1L Tim Grimes

While the Virginia trip is always the highlight of the year, there was much more to the Quahogs season.  At the SBA Fall Tournament, they defeated New England School of Law for their fourth consecutive title, as Josh Barker's warning track power drove in the winning run.  Later in the fall, the Quahogs dominated the Battle of Boston, which featured teams from Suffolk, Harvard, Boston U., Boston College, and NESL on their way to their second straight championship there.  At that tournament, the team was joined by 3Ls Jane Duket and Stephanie Koopman, and 2L Shannon O'Neil.  The 'Hogs also took home RWU's Frostbite Tournament.  While blame cannot be conclusively placed on anyone in particular, the Quahogs missed signups for the spring intramural league.  However, scholars, prophets, and other experts all agree that they would have taken that too.  Said co-captain Jason Pullman, "this was a great season.  It's sad to know that I've played my last game for this team.  Even though there are a lot of 3Ls graduating, they'll be ready to go again next year."