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My name is Beth Pytlik and I am a rising 2L. I grew up in Connecticut and attended The University of Tampa in sunny Florida for my undergraduate career, where I double majored in Criminology and Government/World Affairs. I was extremely involved in campus life and various organizations,...

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Sleep- Who needs it?

Posted by Beth Pytlik on 06/21/2010 at 10:03 AM

Greetings from London! 

It's been a very fast paced first week here in London. Most arrived last Sunday, but I, the travelfiend, started on Thursday in Paris. I came close to seeing everything the city had to offer in a matter of days. Some of my best memories are a haunted history tour, amazing food, wine and cafe, and the Louvre. Ohh, the Louvre. So after several days of rushing, Monday morning class came as quite a change. No need to worry though, as Professor Webster is taking fabulous care of us, and never letting us go without tea and cookies through class. Wednesday night was a cocktail hour with Prof. Webster's fellow barristers and clerks, which was a very fun night. I found out I was assigned to Prof. Webster's own chambers, and would be running after barrister's the following two weeks. On that note, I hopped a flight to the fjords in the middle of nowhere Norway to have a weekend of amazing hiking and boating and the most beautiful scenery I've ever experienced. Back in London, today was my first day of mini-pupillage. I am with a fun, young barrister who is prosecuting a criminal case a bit outside of the city. Unlike in the states, where there are clear prosecutors and defense attorneys, here in England, barristers can get both and switch back and forth every case if it so goes that way. It was comforting to see though, that the barristers here encounter many of the same societal issues of the criminal justice system as they do back in the states - just when I thought I had gone off into never-never land.


So it's time for some Japanese food from an awesome place across the street, and I must find out who is playing in the World Cup tonight, although the WC is something I worry of speaking about over here (check England's scores if you don't know what I'm speaking of).


I am excited for the trial to get underway tomorrow, and some time to really see London over the weeks to come.