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A Smorgasbord of Robust Co-Curricular Offerings

Posted by David Logan on 11/05/2013 at 03:43 PM

We are very proud of the leadership of our students, who enrich the academic atmosphere of RWU Law beyond the classroom, and I decided to pick this week as just an example.

From Suing the NCAA to the Nuremburg Trials, and from Environmental Law to Health Law and Business Law, students have their horizons broadened by discussions on topical issues, from experts in the field.

Events Schedule:


On Wednesday, November 6th at 1:00PM in room 30, Tim Cohane will return to RWU Law to talk about his experiences of going up against the N.C.A.A. in ruthless litigation.

To get a general understanding of Coach Cohane's current situation, check out this excerpt, taken from its parent article "Standing Up to the N.C.A.A." written by New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Joe Nocera:

"Tim Cohane, the head basketball coach at the State University of New York at Buffalo, was forced to resign in late 1999 after he was alleged to have violated N.C.A.A. rules. (The main violation, usually considered extremely minor, was that he had observed potential recruits play pickup basketball in the university gym.) The school apparently wanted to fire Cohane, even though he had recently gotten a new contract. The easiest way to push him out was to gin up some infractions. The N.C.A.A., it appears, was only too happy to go along.

In the spring of 2001, the N.C.A.A. issued its report — based largely on a joint investigation with the university and its conference, the Mid-American Conference — describing Cohane’s behavior as “unethical,” and issuing a “show cause” order, meaning that any school that wanted to hire him had to “show cause” why it should be allowed to do so. For a college coach, this is the kiss of death.

Cohane, who had coached for 25 years without running afoul of the rules — and who denies doing anything improper — sued, charging that he had been defamed by the N.C.A.A. and that his rights had been violated. It was only when he and his lawyer, Sean O’Leary, began to dig into what had happened that they found the real improprieties — the ones committed by the investigators."


Wednesday, November 6th, at 12:00PM, in Room 285.

Nuremberg Trials: The German Legal Systems Facilitation of Nazi Atrocities

• When most people hear of Nazi crimes, they think of the death camps in Poland or mobile shooting units in Russia.

• Death camp guards and gun-toting fanatics spring readily to mind as the loyal henchmen of Adolf Hitler.

• Did you know, however, that the German legal system facilitated many of the Nazis’ worst atrocities?

• Professor Michael Bryant will talk about the complicity of German judges and lawyers in Hitler’s crimes, as well as the failures of the West German justice system to hold the “assassins in robes” legally accountable after the war.


Wednesday, November 6th, at 12:00PM, in Room 33.

A Practical Perspective: Conflicts of Ethics and Law within Health Care Clinical Practice

Learn about the different approaches attorneys take when they represent hospitals, individual doctors, or patients/patient's families through live case examples ranging from routine to quirky. Our guest speaker is Stephen O'Neill, LICSW, BCD, J.D., and the Associate Director of the Ethics Support Service and Social Work Manager at Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.


We have an event scheduled for Wednesday, November 6th at 12:15pm with Robert Gordon from the Heritage Foundation. This event is a debate regarding environmental issues and is co-sponsored with the Environmental Law Society. Mr. Gordon will debate Jamie Rhodes, the RI director for the national environmental organization, Clean Water Action. Lunch will be provided. Panera will be served!

Robert Gordon is senior advisor for strategic outreach at The Heritage Foundation. Before joining Heritage in 2008, Mr. Gordon directed several conservation organizations and, from 2003 to 2006, served on the committee staff in the House of Representatives. Working for the House Committee on Resources, he helped craft the Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act (HR 3824), which passed the House with substantial bipartisan support. He also assisted in the committee’s oversight and investigative duties, including international environmental programs and funds derived from excise taxes on hunting and fishing.

In 1989, Gordon founded the National Wilderness Institute.

Mr. Gordon’s work and writings drew coverage from national networks from Fox to PBS and from major newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Las Vegas Review-Journal. His work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Technology: Journal of The Franklin Institute and Environment International.

Jamie Rhodes ('12) is the RI director for the national environmental organization, Clean Water Action, which organizes grassroots support for clean, safe and affordable water; prevention of health threatening pollution; creation of environmentally safe jobs and businesses; and empowerment of people to make democracy work. He is also the current President of the Environment Council of Rhode Island, a coalition of over 60 environmental organizations and businesses.


The Tax and Business Law Society in conjunction with the Office of Career Development is hosting a Business Career Panel event Wednesday, November 6th at 1pm in Room 276. Panelists include: a managing partner of the Boston law firm Posternak Blankstein & Lund, corporate counsel from CVS Caremark, and the Chief of Legal Services for the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation. The panel will discuss the practice of business law in different areas within the industry. Additionally, the panelists will take student questions regarding career prospects within business law. Lunch will be provided.


November 7th, Thursday - Amie Stepanovich, Director of the EPIC Domestic Surveillance Project. Hosted by Brown University's ACLU Chapter, Director Stepanovich will be speaking at Brown University. The Brown ACLU Chapter is finalizing the details regarding the time and building.

November 8th, Friday - RI ACLU's Annual Dinner, 7:00pm at the Biltmore, 11 Dorrance St., Providence. Hosted by the RI ACLU.  For students who are members of the national ACLU Chapter, your ticket price for the dinner will be $45 (instead of $100), courtesy of the RI ACLU (if you need help signing up to be a member, please let us know).


The Family Law Society is hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive for the East Bay Food Pantry in Bristol. We will be collecting non-perishable items beginning Monday, November 4th - Monday, November 25th. Items can be placed in the blue pin in the Bistro (outside the quiet study room). Just look for the sign and bin! Any bit will help and be greatly appreciated! http://eastbayfoodpantry.org