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So You Want to Be a Litigator!

Posted by Library Blog on 02/12/2013 at 09:04 AM

Taking Trial Advocacy? Participating in trial team?  Intend to pursue a career as a litigator?

Check out the resources offered by the Law Library for opening statements and closing arguments, direct and cross-examinations, motions, and jury instructions. Search the Law Library’s WebCatalog by keyword for recent publications by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, the ABA Section of Litigation as well as many other publishers.

To hone your trial and appellate advocacy skills, sign up to access the CVN Law School  to watch the video of civil litigation or trial advocacy video clips. Make sure to use your law school email address when signing up for access!

Information about selected resources is provided in the RWU Law Guides: Jury Instructions, Legal Forms and Criminal Defense.

For those who want to pursue a career as a litigator in Rhode Island, the Law Library offers various CLE (Continuing Legal Education) publications.  Many are published by the Rhode Island Bar Association or the National Business Institute.  To locate additional publications for Rhode Island civil and criminal practice, search the Law Library’s WebCatalog by the subject: Trial Practice- Rhode Island.  Some recent CLE publications are:



To help you organize your career as a litigator (or even while a law school student), check out the amazing listing of litigator apps at LITIG8R TECH.