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Hi everyone, my name is Mike Muehe and I'm a 1L from Groton, Connecticut. I just finished my undergraduate career at the University of Connecticut at Avery Point, where I majored in American Studies, English, and Political Science. I'm a joint-degree student in the Historic Preservation program...

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Soaking Up the Local Offerings

Posted by Mike Muehe on 09/24/2013 at 02:27 PM

Like I’m sure most any 1L experiences before coming to law school, I had my worries on arriving at RWU Law. But looking back on my first month, I’m so glad that I made the decision to attend Roger Williams, and law school in general. Between the people that I’m meeting, the lawyering skills that I’m learning, and the new things in town that I’m trying, I don’t think that I could be in a better place right now.

Moving to Bristol this past summer was a huge leap for me. It was the first time I had moved from my childhood home. Granted, home is only an hour and a half away, I was wicked excited for the chance to explore someplace new. From all the advice I got about law school, I knew that I needed to make time for myself and time to de-stress from the daily grind. So, in heed of that advice, I fill much of my free time finding new things to try and new places to go. My undergrad campus basically had only a few academic buildings, a beach, and a gym, so in coming to RWU, I had a lot to scope out to begin with. In between juggling schoolwork, I found myself taking walks down the shell path, taking pictures of the Mt. Hope Bridge, walking through an exhibit at the Architecture School, or just hanging out and getting some food in The Commons, the Hawk’s Nest, or GHH (Global Heritage Hall). Today, in between class, I even went to the Farmer’s Market on the Quad. Any chance to get out of the law school setting, even just for a few minutes, gives me the chance to not only try something new, but to unplug from studying and give my mind a break. Sometimes, too, I’ll bring my work to another building, just for a change of scenery. Similarly, on weekends, I’ll head out into town with my friends, and we’ve since found some great places in the area. There are so many fantastic coffee shops and restaurants in Bristol alone, like Aidan’s, British Beer Company, Manny’s, and Pomodoro, and many more on the outskirts. Whether I want to go out on a Friday night to celebrate the end of the week, catch up with some friends over lunch on Saturday, or have a nice Sunday breakfast, I have plenty of options in town. Plus, there’s tons of affordable entertainment in the area. My friends and I have gone to a race at the Seekonk Speedway ($7-14), a concert at Lupo’s in Providence ($20), and walked along Historic Newport (Free!). While I’m loving law school for what it’s teaching me in class, I’m learning even more by just taking a break, going out, and seeing what this area has to offer. Plus, since much of my legal training will happen in Rhode Island, the people I meet out in town may very well be clients or colleagues someday down the road. All in all, law school is everything I’d imagined, and then some, and I love every minute of it.