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Spotlight on CCH Internet Research Network!

Posted by Library Blog on 04/20/2009 at 12:00 AM

CCH (Commerce Clearing House) has been a leading publisher since 1913.  THE CCH Internet Research Network provides numerous virtual “mini”research libraries on a range of legal subject areas as detailed below.  Under each topic, the researcher has access to the full text or summaries of pertinent statutes, case law and agency rules and regulations as well as scholarly and expert analysis and relevant practice tools (such as forms).  Unlike free web resources, the information is updated and enhanced 24/7 with the latest primary source materials and analysis of developments in the law.

The CCH Internet Research Network offers access to thousands of primary sources, journal articles, and treatises. Topic libraries are: Antitrust & Trade Regulation; Banking; Commodities & Derivatives; Corporate Governance; Exchanges & SROs; Federal Energy Guidelines, Government Contracts, Insurance Coverage Litigation; Intellectual Property, Computer & Internet Law; International Business; Investment Mangement; Mergers & Acquisitions; Products Liability & Safety; Securities; and Transportation Law.

To access the contents of the CCH Internet Research Network, you must enter your institutional email address to ensure that your preferences will be saved from session to session along with any customization.

Searching is easy.  Try keyword searching, with the option to restrict your search by document type and/or date.  For those who like to browse, there are topical indexes and tables of cases.  As in the BNA topical reports databases, you can request email delivery of the latest news stories.  For ongoing research, CCH Internet Research Network offers a tracker service for receiving added documents that satisfy your search query (similar to the LexisNexis and Westlaw alert services).