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I grew up in Skokie, IL a suburb of Chicago. I loooooooove Chicago and still miss grabbing a hotdog in a poppy seed bun at Herm’s Palace and people who say “pop” instead of “soda.” I wince whenever someone pronounces Illinois as Illinoise…(shudder). As a teenager I moved to Rochester, NY and...

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Posted by Brynna Gang on 03/07/2011 at 03:35 PM

Spring is almost here! The first few days of relatively warm weather and sun are so precious I feel a little superstitious commenting on them. Today however feels different! It is sunny and gorgeous and warm and…I am sitting at my desk reading Property cases. Oh law school. Second semester is so much different than first. This may not seem related to my first rant about spring but trust me it relates.

First semester you spend the first month or two walking around in a daze looking up every other word in a legal dictionary. I have vivid memories of learning the meanings of “statue” and “common law.” Pretty much you have no idea what the heck you’re doing. Then you settle in and things start to make sense and honestly, it’s pretty exciting. It starts to seem like this whole law school thing may make sense. And then you have to write a predictive memo for Legal Methods and the freak-out begins. Then BAM! It’s time for finals. Now, I missed a lot of the finals craziness due to a family situation but when I came back everyone had gone nuts and had clearly been that way for a while. My section didn’t have any midterms so our only grades were going to stem from a three hour final. That is beyond scary. So you go a little nutty. You study all the time and make flashcards. I got to know the staff at Panera pretty well after spending so much time there studying. In the end you sit down and man, 3 hours goes fast. And then you wait fully aware these grades could make a big difference in your life plans. But honestly by that point you are so drained you don’t really care for a while.

Second semester you come back feeling comfortable and like you have a handle on things. This semester I noticed how much our classes started to relate. Things you learned in Torts starts cropping up in Civil Procedure. It’s kind of cool. Then things slow down. Second semester doesn’t have the buzz that comes from the unknown that first semester had. You know what to expect now and some of that exhilaration that got you through all that work in first semester is noticeably absent in second. Talking to people in my section I know we all feel it. Everyone is tired, indescribably busy, and there is no end in sight. You start to think it would be really unfortunate if this is what the rest of school is like.

That’s when it starts to get sunny (told you I’d get there). The days start getting a bit longer. Crazy people start walking around outside without jackets and in shorts in 45 degree weather. It’s amazing. Those few days of sunshine wake you back up and make you cheerful again. Everyone starts to feel less stressed and classes get more entertaining as everyone gets a little buzzed off the weather. I think spring is what gets you through second semester. I’m not quite sure yet since we have 8 more weeks of class plus finals to get through, but I have a strong suspicion spring is going to be our best little friend this semester.

On a totally random note…

Hi blog reader. I’m Brynna and I’m a new 1L blogger. I’ve never blogged before and have no clue what I’m doing. Pretty much my plan is to write about whatever is going on in my life as a law student. I have no idea if you will find this interesting but for the incoming 1 L’s it will be a good idea of what is to come. For other students who read this…hi