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Students Go Head-to-head with Faculty and Alums in Jeopardy!

Posted by David Logan on 11/09/2016 at 10:36 AM

Let’s face it; students spend three years having to answer law questions asked by law faculty -- and for obvious reasons the faculty always gets the last word. 

Not so in Jeopardy!, an annual face-off on NON-law information, in which teams are challenged on their knowledge of trivia about “Recent Dead Stars” (for $1000 the Answer is: “Had a drink named after him,” and the correct Question “Who was Arnold Palmer,” or “Elon Musks’s other venture than e-cars” and the correct Question is “SpaceX.”) 

Indeed, the last time the Old Folks won was 2010, mostly because the class of 2014 ran the table, winning as 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls, and as Alums.

Student/Faculty Jeopardy is now in its 11th year, with teams from each class going against a team representing the faculty and, more recently, one representing the alumni.  Organized expertly by SPENT (our SPorts and ENTertainment law organization), this year’s version was even more jacked up than usual because it was Halloween weekend (just before the SBA Halloween party) with spirited students arriving in costumes.

Before the game began, the teams were announced and Prof. John Chung rose to direct a pointed challenge to the many 1Ls in attendance, threatening to “school them.”

This was a very close contest, with the lead changing hands many times; going into FINAL JEOPARDY, the Faculty, Alumni, and 1Ls were neck-and-neck, with the 2L and 3L teams still having a shot at winning.

The Final Jeopardy category was “Food,” and not surprisingly, the teams “bet the ranch” in an effort to come out on top.  The Answer was decidedly local in flavor: “Rhode Island’s distinctive way of preparing hot dogs,” with the faculty coming out on top with the correct question, “What is NY System.” Turned out that Prof. Chung was right!

Props to SPENT President Jamie Fitzgerald and her team for organizing a seamless event. Here are some pics from the fun evening:


SPENT’s Shae Hornback Giving Away Free-Ts!

2Ls in Game Mode:
Chance Sousa, Tara Gunn, Ryan Eckerson, Dave Remillard, Lauren Higgins, Andrew Senerchia, & James Bass

SPENT’s Shaun Mark and Ts for 1Ls

3Ls Ready to Rumble:
Emily Johnson, Sean Carney, Sarah Small, Dan Miller & Meredith Howlett. (Not Photographed: Emily Trieber)

1Ls brought a Ninja Warrior to the Fray

1L Triviameisters:
Nicole Andrescavage, Matthew Repetto, Joe Bingaman, Andrew Plocica, Justin Perry & Ryan Cummins

  Prof. Chung Talkin’ Trash

That’s worth $1000!

Rapt Onlookers

End of Double Jeopardy, Narrow Faculty Lead


Team Alumni Strategizing:
Will Wray '13, Adam Ramos '06, Brett Beaubien '16 (Not Photographed: Nicole Benjamin '06 and Steve Maguire '96)

SPENT’s “Official Scorer” Sebastien Voigt

Experience (Age?) Prevails:
Wayne Logan, Justin Kishbaugh, Diana Hassel, Tanya Monestier, Jenna Hashway and John Chung

Spent Presidents, 2015 and 2016:
Robert Rubbinaccio and Jamie Fitzgerald


The SPENT Executive Team: 
President: Jamie Fitzgerald; VP: Bri Chevalier; Treasurer Shae Hornback; and 1L Reps Shaun Mark & Sebastian Voigt; 2015 SPENT President Robert Rubbinaccio

Happy Halloween!