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David Logan served as Dean at Roger Williams School of Law from 2003 to 2014, making him one of the nation's longest-serving law deans. In 2014, he returned to full-time teaching and research.

A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, Professor Logan clerked for a federal...

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Talented, Diverse Student Leaders Take the Helm

Posted by David Logan on 06/18/2013 at 05:23 PM

I look forward to working closely with the new crop of leaders of our flagship student organizations, the Roger Williams Moot Court Board and the Roger Williams Law Review.  It is truly a terrific group of future lawyers.

Moot Court Board (2012-14)

Row 1:  Alisha Perry (President), Brooklin Eleoff, Alyse Galoski, Jennifer Fournier, Amanda Lawton, Joshua Xavier, and Paige Munro
Row 2:  Stephanie DeLuca, Leah Miraldi, Kaela Jalbert, Jose Batista, Christopher McNally, Jeffrey Sheehan (Vice-President), and Leticia Tavares
Row 3:  Nicole Verdi, Chet Jackson, Thomas Pagliarini, and Christa Harris
Row 4:  Antonio Viana, Andrew Covington, Robert Munns, Tunde Adepegba, and Nicholas Nybo


Law Review Board (2013-14)

From left to right Adam Forsblom, Kathleen Nee, Leticia Tavares (Developmental Editor), Antonio Viana (Editor-In Chief), Nicole Verdi (Rhode Island Editor), Chloe Davis, Mark Fialkoff, Geoffrey Aptt, Joceline Rocha, Ashley Brinkman (Articles Editor), Alyse Galoski (Executive Articles Editor), Nicholas Denice, Zoe Zhang (Articles Editor), Tom Pagliarini (Executive Notes & Comments Editor), Maura Clancy (Articles Editor), Brendan Ryan, Maxine Kutner (Managing Editor), Asia-Sierra Millette, Jennifer Read, Caitlyn Kelly (Notes & Comments Editor), Samantha Clark