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Talented RWU 3L to Be Published by UMKC Law Review

Posted by David Logan on 12/18/2009 at 12:00 AM

Photo of Hala FurstWhen I first met Hala Furst, at an admitted student function in the spring of 2007, I was impressed by her smarts and effervescence (plus cool “real world” experiences: an actress in California, a concierge in Minneapolis, and even work with MTV).

I was delighted that Hala matriculated at RWU and I had the pleasure of teaching her Torts that fall.  An especially articulate participant on class discussions (and in the informal sessions I regularly have immediately after class, when questions and insights are freshest), I was not surprised to watch her become one of our top student advocates in moot court competitions, both internal and external: Hala was a finalist and won the Best Brief award in our flagship internal competition (endowed in memory of a beloved member of the RWU Law faculty a decade ago, Esther Clark) and was named second best oralist at the Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition at Regent Law School as a 2L.

I also knew that Hala was a blogger, but I didn’t know she was also a gifted writer. (I am sorry; to blog is not necessarily to write well!) Now I find out that she has written a piece that will appear in a forthcoming issue of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law Review (entitled “1L Revisited”), that focuses on the 1L experience. She will be in excellent company as hers was one of only two student pieces accepted for publication and the issue will be introduced by best-selling novelist Scott Turow (author of the classic dissection of the first year of law school, One L. Among the law professors contributing essays are Ian Ayers (Yale), Neal Katyal (Georgetown), Adrien Wing (Iowa), and two talented academics also known for their non-academic writings: Stephen Carter (Yale), author of best-selling novels like The Emperor of Ocean Park, and Andrew McClurg (Memphis), a delightful guy who has a distinctive, and funny take on the law.  (Check out his blog http://www.lawhaha.com).

The faculty editor of the UMKC law review issue characterized Hala as a “superb writer” and her essay “beautifully written.” Congratulations to Hala!