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I am a 3L originally from Poughkeepsie, NY. I graduated from Binghamton University (SUNY) with my B.A. in 2005 and my M.A. in 2007 both in Political Science. I spent the 2 years between finishing my MA and deciding to go to law school as a Student Affairs Administrator and an Adjunct Professor...

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Thank GOD for the gym!

Posted by Peter Eraca on 03/12/2010 at 09:12 AM

One of the biggest selling points of RW Law for me was the recreation center. It is at the doorstep of the law building, how much more convenient can that be? Before enrolling here, I would spend 3-4 day per week at the gym back home (I won’t plug which one), AND the college I worked for had a pool which helped my love of swimming (I swam competitively in high school). Therefore, some ability for me to get a work out in during the day was a large component of selecting a place I wanted to spend the subsequent 3 years of my life.

Many law students will use the gym, particularly because it is included in our Tuition and Fees. It becomes another place to be social with one another outside of the law school building and you get in some physical activity as well.

I would be considered one of the more avid gym-goers. I am in the weight areas about 4 days a week, for about an hour a day, and I’m occasionally in the pool on Saturdays as well. With all the time we spend with our eyes in case books, our brains picking out pieces of black letter law, and navigating hypothetical situations you need to keep both your mind and body in good working condition, and while everyone does that in their own way, I’ve found that mine is in the Rec Center.

If you are going to hit the gym regularly, my primary piece of advice is that you pick a schedule of working out and stick to it as best as you can. If hitting the gym or doing laps isn’t your thing, you will find other students that enjoy a myriad of sports as well; a few friends get together and play racquetball on a regular basis, some have pick-up basketball games and others form law school intramural teams for soccer and dodgeball.

Regardless of what physical activity you decide to do, I have two pieces of advice: (1) do some physical activity on a regular basis, and (2) begin it as soon as possible so your body is already adjusted to the activity when you get here. There is nothing worse than sitting in class or trying to study and either be aching or falling asleep because you worked out too hard and your body isn’t accustomed to it.