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The Thrash to the Onion Patch

Posted by Library Blog on 06/08/2016 at 09:40 AM

Photo by Kathleen MacAndrewSailing is undoubtedly a popular summer sport in Rhode Island. There are countless opportunities to learn or hone your craft. One of the best ways to appreciate sailing in Rhode Island is to watch the start of the Newport Bermuda Race.

Every other year sailors from all over the world race across the Gulf Stream in a 635-mile ocean race from Newport to Bermuda. This race, formally named the Newport Bermuda Race, is nicknamed “The Thrash to the Onion Patch.” According to the event’s website, the race is so nicknamed “because most Bermuda Races include high winds and big waves (a combination sailors call ‘a hard thrash’), and because Bermuda is an agricultural island.” This year the race starts on June 17th.

Between 160 and 200 boats generally sail in the event and the race will be held for the 50th time in 2016. The average crew has ten people and depending on a number of factors (weather, Gulf Stream currents, boat size, boat speed, etc.) the race can take from 2-6 days. The largest entrant in the history of the race was 100 feet (1909’s Amorita and 2008/2010’s Speedboat) while the smallest was 28 feet (1906’s Gauntlet). The fastest race was run by 2012’s Rambler which took less than 40 hours to complete the 635 mile course.

If you want to watch the start of the race, you can gather at one of the shoreside public areas such as Brenton Point and Beavertail. You can also watch live coverage of the race’s start online.