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Tune In: Top Legal Podcasts

Posted by Library Blog on 04/13/2012 at 04:04 PM

Take a break from reading about the law and instead listen to a podcast about the law!  There are hundreds of freely available podcasts on law and law-related topics for law students and legal professionals. 

Here are some recommended legal podcasts by Legal Productivity described in its November 15, 2011 blog post.

An award-winning offering of the LegalTalk Network is Lawyer2Lawyer.  Hosted by J. Craig Williams and Robert Ambrogi, their podcasts cover hot legal topics from all over the United States.

Bloomberg Law Podcasts consist of interviews about legal issues, decisions and pending cases.

The TED Talks series includes several law-related talks by experts in the field.

LexisNexis Legal Podcasts include practice areas, daily news, and the Emerging Issues series which is a great resource for expert analysis and commentary by practitioners and law professors on current legal issues.

Law School Podcaster has numerous podcasts for current law students on the law school experience (e.g. exams, networking).  A full-text transcript accompanies each podcast.

The RocketLawyer Podcast’s host Charley Moore (Founder and Chairman of Rocket Lawyer, Inc.) discusses legal issues in the news and interviews legal experts about the law and their practice.

TWiT.TV’s ThisWeek in Law podcasts with host Denise Howell covers breaking news in technology law.