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Twitter for Legal Professionals

Posted by Library Blog on 01/13/2013 at 10:43 AM

For those who like to follow the latest developments in an area of law but do not have the time to read a lengthy news story or blog post, try following a Twitter account. A great resource to consult for information about law-related Twitter accounts is Justia.com’s LegalBirds. You can browse the LegalBirds directory of numerous categories and practice areas to find the perfect Twitter account.

Links to other useful resources from LegalBirds are:

*Both Nicole Black and Bob Ambrogi write extensively on legal professionals using technology in law practice.  Search the Law Library’s WebCatalog by their name to locate their publications in the Law Library’s collection.

If you are interested in tweeting as a legal professional, check out Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers (Stacks, KF320.I57 C67 2012).

If you are curious as to using Twitter for job-searching in addition to other social media, take a look at The 6Ps of the Big 3 for Job-Seeking JDs: 60+ Ways to Get Hired Using Social Networking (Career, KF297 . E44 2010).