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Two RWU School of Law Alumnae Seen at the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting and Conference!

Posted by Library Blog on 07/25/2008 at 12:00 AM

From July 12 to July 15, several of the RWU School of Law librarians attended the 101st American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting and Conference held in Portland, Oregon.  Founded in 1906, AALL has over 5,000 members from law firms; law schools; corporate legal departments; courts; and local, state and federal government agencies.  AALL was formed on July 2, 1906 during the annual meeting of the American Library Association.  The meeting that year was held in Narragansett, Rhode Island!  Twenty-four librarians responded to the call by A.J. Small, a curator of the Law Department of the Iowa State Law Library, to meet at the American Library Association’s annual meeting to consider forming a separate organization of law librarians.

Of note was that some of the law school librarians got a chance to talk with two alumnae of the law school! Whitney Curtis (1996) and Aperna Sherman (2005) are both happily employed as academic law librarians.  Both also worked as Library Student Assistants while they attended the law school.  If you are interested in law librarianship as an alternative career to practicing law, any one of the librarians will gladly chat with you about the profession.

David Pogue , personal-technology columnist for the New York Times, was the keynote speaker.  Each week, he contributes a print column, an online column, and an online video.  ”Pogue’s Posts” is his daily blog for the New York Times.  His spoke to the audience about the technological advances that will have the most impact on society in the coming years.  According to David, they are voice over the Internet, on-demand TV programs, wireless everywhere, and Web 2.0.  He concluded his presentation with a four minute satirical medley on the music wars.  This medley is available on YouTube.  While at YouTube, listen to Pogue’s ”I-Phone: The Music Video!”