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My name is Brendan and I am a 2L originally from Foxboro, MA (you may have heard of us...the Patriots play here). I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2011 with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in History. As an undergrad I was a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, serving as Vice...

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Under the Radar to Over the Top

Posted by Brendan Schlander on 08/16/2011 at 02:56 PM

I have known for quite a while that after completing my Bachelor’s degree that I wanted to end up in law school. Where I wanted to go and what kind of law that I wanted to practice was a completely different story. At first, my search was based entirely on where I had a chance to get in based on my LSAT score and GPA along with what I knew about the schools from my undergrad search four years prior.

Admittedly, I applied to Roger Williams on a whim. I was more focused on schools in the major east coast metropolises; Boston, New York, D.C., Philadelphia, etc. Bristol was completely under the radar. However, like most things in life, something unexpected occurred.

After getting accepted, I took a closer look at RWU. I went to the accepted students events and joined the group message board. I got to know people and fell in love with the school and with Bristol. The faculty has been engaging and enthusiastic, a far cry from the intimidation I had been expecting to feel when coming into contact with these incredibly bright and accomplished lawyers. After getting my class schedule today the whole thing became even more real. I knew my professors’ names, when and where my classes were and, most importantly, that I only have one class on Friday…and I get to sleep in! My excitement and anticipation levels are definitely over the top.