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The U.S. Supreme Court October Term 2013 and Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Posted by Library Blog on 10/06/2013 at 09:54 AM

In preparation for the upcoming visit of Ret. United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, take a look at the display in the law school lobby featuring some of the women lawyers and justices who were first in their fields. In addition to the display, check out this U.S. Supreme Court law guide for information about Justice O’Connor and various resources for researching the Court.

Among the many resources for following the “Supremes”, one of the most respected in the legal community is the Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week.  You can access opinions, news about and transcripts of oral arguments, reviews of past terms, and previews of upcoming terms, Journal of Proceedings, Opinions Relating to Orders, and In-Chambers Opinions.  The Supreme Court Today Navigator allows you to search hundreds of U.S. Supreme Court cases.  Especially helpful for a paper is to limit your search to cases on a particular topic.  You can sign up for customized email updates with one or two clicks.

If you like to read blogs, read the SCOTUSblog.  Sponsored by Bloomberg Law, this blog offers comprehensive reporting of the U.S. Supreme Court’s current term activities.  The SCOTUSblog provides opinions and orders, commentary and analysis, new filings, petitions to watch, term tracker, links to briefs and documents, Court calendar and statistics about the Court dating back to October 1995.