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We May Be In the Smallest State, But Our Contributions Are Far Reaching!

Posted by Library Blog on 04/16/2015 at 08:11 AM

Did you know that the law school has a digital repository for scholarship? The Roger Williams University School of Law Digital Repository was created by the Law Library to collect, preserve, and highlight the scholarly contributions of the law school community since its inception in 1993.

Information on the repository can be found on the Law Library’s website in the “Research” section under “Archives.” The repository is hosted by the RWU University Libraries as part of the DOCS@RWU digital repository.

You may have known this repository existed or even had occasion to peruse the subheadings for interesting tidbits. If not, feel free to explore a little! You can find a variety of material from papers written by our esteemed faculty to documents from the founding of the school. There are definitely some interesting RWU Law artifacts!

Repository imageA new feature of the digital repository is the ability to see highlighted on a map the locations from which people are accessing the scholarship of our community. If you click here, you can watch a graphical display of what people are choosing to download and where they are downloading those documents. As of the end of March, 2015, there were over 37,000 downloads. We may be in the smallest state, but our contributions are far reaching!