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Tom Peterson is a 2L originally from Seattle, and now living in Lincoln, R.I. He is a non-traditional student, attending Roger Williams School of Law after finishing a career and retiring from the U.S. Navy. He received his undergraduate degree from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.,...

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Winter is Coming

Posted by Tom Peterson on 11/16/2013 at 12:24 PM

            It is hard to believe that it is already mid-November and we are almost done with the semester! 

             The loss of daylight savings time is a bummer because now it gets dark here in Bristol long before I head home and when I wake up in the morning it is also dark.  Winter is just around the corner and I am hoping for a relatively mild one so the commute between Lincoln and Bristol won’t be too bad.  I actually enjoy the trip home on most evenings—it gives me a chance to reflect on the day and decompress from studying and classes.  It was nicer when it was still light out, but it is a nice chance to relax a little bit before getting home.

            Unlike most undergraduate programs (and life in general), there is very little feedback during law school and the majority (all in some classes) of your grade in most classes is based on your final exam scores.  So in addition to winter on the horizon, the next big event will be getting ready for finals in less than a month.  It is going to be a challenge to get everything organized, outlined, and understood prior to the exams, but I am looking forward to the challenge.  Keeping up with your outline is the key to being ready and although I haven’t done as well as I was hoping…I have a good start on all of them so I won’t be starting from scratch.

            The holidays are coming up and I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving.  I will be visiting family in New York City and my kids will be taking the train up from Virginia.  It will be great to see them, and although I know that I will do some work during the weekend, I am going to try to be far enough ahead to be able to enjoy the time in New York.  It is a balancing act because I know that the finals will be upon us when we get done with Thanksgiving break and then on to Christmas.

            The location of RWU School of Law is great for day trips to Boston or weekend getaways to New York City, Maine, Cape Cod, or anywhere in New England.  Even if you just stay around the area and explore Providence or Newport, it is great to have so many opportunities around on the weekend.  It does make it more of a challenge to focus on your studying… but, it is a great chance to experience New England and the wonderful places and colors of fall.     

            Winter is coming with challenges galore… better get back to work!