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Writing Tips for Summer Associates

Posted by Library Blog on 06/17/2008 at 12:00 AM

Lawyer and award-winning journalist Ross Guberman offers 12 writing tips for summer associates in a recently published article in the National Law Journal. His writing tips include:

• Do not agonize over every word.
• Check the draft carefully for typos, citation errors, spelling mistakes and formatting glitches.
• Obtain information about format, final length of the document, length of time to spend on the document, existence of a document within the firm that can be used as a template, and what will be done with the document once it is submitted to the supervising attorney.
• Find out how the assignment fits into the big picture.
• Communicate with the supervising attorney regarding the status of the assignment and ask questions if necessary.
• Conquer writer’s block by condensing a lengthy piece of writing into a few sentences to obtain the big-picture structure.
• Avoid wordy, passive, rambling and abstract writing.
• Every word in the draft should be geared toward the goal(s) of the document which could be to solve a problem, skirt an obstacle or change someone’s mind.
• Analyze the issue and provide an answer.
• Eliminate needless words, phrases and constructions.
• Read the draft aloud in order to check for mistakes and awkward sentences.
• Seek feedback.