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Hi! my name is Amber and I am second-year law student here at Roger Williams University School of Law (RWUSOL). Additionally, I am a transfer student. I completed my first year of law school at a mid-western law school before making the trek to Rhode Island in order to attend RWUSOL. It is my...

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Posted by Amber White
02/05/2013 at 03:44 PM
The first thing I noticed about RWUSOL upon coming here was the warm reception I received.  From day one, the school was very accommodating-- whether it was helping me register for classes or making sure that I had secured housing.  It definitely made me feel like the school was happy to have me. My first semester at RWUSOL I spent mostly immersed in my studies and getting used to my new school.  My classes were pretty hard that semester, but the professors were happy to answer any questions I had. It was easy to just drop in for office hours.  This semester, one of my...