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Hi everyone, my name is Mike Muehe and I'm a 1L from Groton, Connecticut. I just finished my undergraduate career at the University of Connecticut at Avery Point, where I majored in American Studies, English, and Political Science. I'm a joint-degree student in the Historic Preservation program...

Mike Muehe, 1L's Archive for January 2014

Posted by Mike Muehe
01/07/2014 at 12:36 PM
                After a much-needed Thanksgiving break, the scene at RWU Law changed drastically. Final exams were right around the corner, a seemingly-terrifying, unique experience for us as 1Ls. The weeks began to fly by, juggling the last class assignments, editing and reviewing outlines, and reviewing outline, on top of any other responsibilities make it seem like entering final exams is like entering a giant whirlpool – a semester’s worth of work swirling around you over the two-week exam period, and ending in an...