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The Legal Beagle’s favorite book and that of dog lovers everywhere is Every Dog’s Legal Guide: A Must Have Book for Your Owner by Mary Randolph (KF390.5 .D6 R36 2005). His favorite movie is about the crime fighting pooch, Underdog! His current hero is Uno, the beagle who won Best in Show at the...

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Legal Beagle's Archive for March 2015

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03/27/2015 at 07:37 AM
A few weeks ago, the Legal Beagle visited the RWU Architecture Library and its exciting collection. Not only do law students have access to the collection at the Architecture Library, but also to the collection of the University Library, located in the Learning Commons. Using the University Library’s collection, law students can find print and electronic interdisciplinary research resources.  In addition, the University Library’s collection also contains bestsellers and popular fiction. The University Library is the home of Media.Tech and also hosts special events open to all students....
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03/19/2015 at 01:19 PM
Have you noticed the new display of books in the law library? The books being displayed are about or related to the topic of mass incarceration. The displayed collection also contains books written by two of the speakers at an upcoming symposium. On March 27, 2015, Roger Williams University School of Law is hosting a symposium titled Sounding the Alarm on Mass Incarceration - Moving Beyond the Problem and Toward Solutions. This symposium aims to be the forum for collective conversation and examination of the problems of mass incarceration and mass probation. More information, including...
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03/11/2015 at 10:45 AM
In Larry L. Teply’s Successfully Competing in U.S. Moot Court Competitions, the author recommends practicing oral arguments with a partner or by recording the practice session. If you are competing in a moot court competition this Spring and want to follow Teply’s advice, you might be interested to know that (free!) resources exist on the RWU campus to assist you. Recording equipment is available to law students through RWU’s Media Services Department for checkout at the Media∙Tech desk located on the first floor of the University Library.  Available equipment includes: Video cameras,...