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The Legal Beagle’s favorite book and that of dog lovers everywhere is Every Dog’s Legal Guide: A Must Have Book for Your Owner by Mary Randolph (KF390.5 .D6 R36 2005). His favorite movie is about the crime fighting pooch, Underdog! His current hero is Uno, the beagle who won Best in Show at the...

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Legal Beagle's Archive for March 2017

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03/30/2017 at 01:26 PM
Did you know? You can burn from 150-250 calories per 30 minutes of hula hoop moves. Please join the librarians in the Law Student Lounge on Saturday, April 1, starting at 11:30am… * Never Mind -- April Fool!  But seriously, April Fools’ Day is tomorrow, April 1 and is widely recognized as a day to play pranks on your unsuspecting family and friends.  The April Fools’ tradition began in earnest in 1700 with zany British people playing practical jokes. but it may date back to 1582. To date, there have been 38 federal cases that reference April Fools’ Day.  In a case...
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03/23/2017 at 02:29 PM
The comment to Rule 1.1 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct states, “To maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a lawyer should keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology, engage in continuing study and education and comply with all continuing legal education requirements to which the lawyer is subject.” (emphasis added by Legal Beagle) In the last few years, 27 states have adopted a change to their legal ethics rules which requires some degree of technological competence for lawyers. Massachusetts...
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03/16/2017 at 01:32 PM
Have you ever wondered why friendships aren’t protected by the law? In the book Friend v. Friend: The Transformation of Friendship—and What the Law Has to Do with It, Ethan Leib compares and contrasts the legal regulation of marriage with the lack of regulation over friendship and shows how our transforming society needs the benefits that friendship laws could offer. Even though it is a vital part of our society, Leib contends that friendship as an institution is declining. In this era of increased social media contact, some social scientists are finding our networks of truly...
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03/09/2017 at 04:58 PM
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides the public the right to request access to records from a federal agency. While colloquially requesting information from the government is often referred to as a FOIA request, FOIA is the federal statutory and regulatory scheme and individual states have their own schema. (Rhode Island calls it APRA which stands for the Access to Public Records Act). FOIA.gov provides a significant amount of information about FOIA and the process one could undertake to gain access to government records. Another great resource on FOIA is the legislative...
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03/02/2017 at 02:51 PM
This month the library is highlighting books on the history of environmental law with a new book display! Environmental law encompasses policies, regulations, and principles enacted and enforced to address the effects of human activity on the natural environment. While many early environmental laws find their roots in the law of nuisance and the public trust doctrine, the concept of environmental law as its own specific body of law did not develop until the 20th century.  March is also host to a slew of environmental holidays like International Day of Forests (March 21) and...