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My name is Tom Peterson and I am a 1L originally from Seattle, WA and living in Lincoln, RI. I am a non-traditional student, attending Roger Williams School of Law after finishing a career and retiring from the U.S. Navy. I received my undergraduate degree from the U.S. Naval Academy in...

Tom Peterson, 1L's Archive for October 2013

Posted by Tom Peterson
10/08/2013 at 02:35 PM
After a full career in the Navy, as I was preparing to retire, I would always get the question, “so what are you going to do after retirement?”  I was always proud to say that I was going to be attending Roger Williams University School of Law (whew… from here on out, RWU Law) and I would always be told, “Oh, so you are JUST going back to school…”  It always struck me as a little bit of an understatement, and it always seemed that they were implying that I was going to have all sorts of time because I was “just going to be in school.”  As it turns out, it was more than just “a...