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Kathryn Thompson serves as Director of Academic Success at RWU Law. Before assuming this position, she served at RWU Law as a legal writing professor teaching first year students. She has also served as a clerk for the Honorable Joseph R. Nolan of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court....

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03/02/2015 at 09:40 AM
Excellent lawyers are committed to lifelong learning; our craft requires it.  Whenever a new client walks into a lawyer’s office, that lawyer faces a new challenge. This challenge always includes new facts to learn, and a new problem to solve. This problem may add a new wrinkle to a familiar area of law, or may require the lawyer to become familiar with an entirely new area of law, or both.    Training students to learn the skills needed to represent these future clients, and to confidently embrace the unique challenge that each client’s problem raises, is at the heart of...