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While serving as an associate at Shearman & Sterling in Washington, D.C., Professor Goldstein became one of the first civilian lawyers allowed into the Guantanamo Bay prison, in conjunction with his representation of several families of Kuwaiti detainees.

After resistance from the U.S...

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01/26/2015 at 12:00 AM
On Wednesday, February 4, 2015, I’ll be interviewing Donald Verrilli, Jr., the Solicitor General of the United States, in an event that’s been billed as a “Fireside Chat.” Those looking to find warmth in these winter months may be disappointed that there will be no actual fire, only a lot of chat. Since I have no experience doing public interviewing, I’m guessing that I was chosen because in 1996, in my first real job as a lawyer, I had the good fortune to work as a Bristow Fellow in the Solicitor General’s Office. The Solicitor General is responsible for all litigation on behalf of the...