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After a successful term at Yale Law School (where she served on the Yale Law Journal, the Yale Journal of Law and Policy, and the Yale Journal of International Law), Niki Kuckes won a coveted clerkship with Judge (now Justice) Antonin Scalia. She moved on to develop a sophisticated litigation...

Professor Niki Kuckes's Archive for April 2015

Posted by Niki Kuckes
04/07/2015 at 03:51 PM
Forty years ago, one in ten civil cases in federal court was resolved at trial.  Today, that number is closer to one in 100.  The “vanishing trial” has been lamented by academics, trial lawyers and judges alike.  One consequence of this trend is the diminishing opportunity for citizens to participate in the judicial process through jury service, an important value in American democracy.  But another, less noted, result of the vanishing trial is the lack of opportunities for newer lawyers to become real “trial lawyers,” with hands-on experience in such skills as how to...