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My name is Beth Pytlik and I am a rising 2L. I grew up in Connecticut and attended The University of Tampa in sunny Florida for my undergraduate career, where I double majored in Criminology and Government/World Affairs. I was extremely involved in campus life and various organizations,...

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Posted by Beth Pytlik
06/21/2010 at 09:03 AM
Greetings from London!  It's been a very fast paced first week here in London. Most arrived last Sunday, but I, the travelfiend, started on Thursday in Paris. I came close to seeing everything the city had to offer in a matter of days. Some of my best memories are a haunted history tour, amazing food, wine and cafe, and the Louvre. Ohh, the Louvre. So after several days of rushing, Monday morning class came as quite a change. No need to worry though, as Professor Webster is taking fabulous care of us, and never letting us go without tea and cookies through class. Wednesday...
Posted by Beth Pytlik
06/03/2010 at 09:20 AM
Summer has just begun and here I am a week away from leaving to study in London for 5 weeks. I am extremely excited to spend 3 weeks learning in class at the Inner Temple about comparative law and British common law. I am even more excited for two weeks of interning under a barrister or judge, an opportunity most law students never get the opportunity to do. And interning at the Inner Temple is an experience only fellow RWU London students will ever know. I feel like I have finally come down off the Spring semester finals-high.  I enjoyed a relaxing Memorial Day...