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As an expert in National Security Law, Professor Peter Margulies focuses on the delicate balance between liberty, equality, and security in issues involving law and terrorism. Professor Margulies has written almost a dozen articles discussing the War on Terror. He currently works with RWU Law...

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Posted by Peter Margulies
10/07/2015 at 09:20 AM
Cybersecurity is a major growth area in the law, as well as a central challenge for policymakers, corporate managers and ordinary citizens. Knowing about threats to private, business, and government data and how to reduce those threats is an essential part of the toolkit for today’s law students and lawyers.  RWU Law has recognized cyber’s importance with a new Juris Doctor/Master of Science in Cyber Security (JD/MSCS), and on October 16 the school will host a dynamic conference: Cybersecurity and Law Enforcement: The Cutting Edge. The program features U.S. Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon...