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Hello! I am a 1L, born and raised in Rhode Island, arriving at the School of Law after receiving a B.F.A. in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. I am an eco-vegan-yogini-artist who will always remember a 5th grade school trip to the Johnston Landfill, driving up to the top of the...

Rachele's Archive for October 2010

Posted by Rachele Ciccone-Paquin
10/17/2010 at 08:51 PM
Wow, it has been a little bit since my last blog entry, and for all of you who have been waiting with bated breath my return to the blogosphere, thank you for your patience! :)  The first week of October was nuts, with my sister's wedding, my own one-year anniversary of my marriage, and my birthday, mixed in, of course, with layers and layers of coursework.  Since I spend my weekends preparing for the week and doing all of my readings then, it is really difficult for me to take time off on the weekend to do anything but coursework, but I gave an exception for my sister's wedding...