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Posted by Lorraine Lalli
08/25/2015 at 09:22 AM
When I joined the RWU Law administration in 2005, I brought a unique perspective as an alumna. Having graduated in 2001, I was familiar with the RWU Law student experience. I already knew the faculty and most of my new colleagues.  Most importantly, I was fully invested in the future success of the law school and our students, based on our shared experience. This fall, three alumnae are coming home to RWU Law to join me.  Drawing on their own student experiences and their outstanding legal practices, they will lead our flagship experiential programs to provide our students with...
Posted by Michael Donnelly-Boylen
08/18/2015 at 09:37 AM
Every year, I have the pleasure of kicking off Orientation by introducing the newest class to themselves.  I enjoy sorting through the files and finding interesting tidbits that will give them a sense of the depth and quality of their fellow classmates. At RWU we truly value having students with a wide range of personal and professional accomplishments who will bring those life experiences to bear in classroom discussions.  As you will see, the Class of 2018 is outstanding and only adds to our tradition.   Here are excerpts from my remarks: I am so glad to see the Class of...
Posted by Susan Schwab Heyman
08/11/2015 at 09:11 AM
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently put the brakes on the Government’s successful string of insider trading prosecutions by reversing the convictions of two downstream tippees, Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson.   In United States v. Newman, the Court criticized the government’s “over-reliance on our prior dicta” and its “doctrinal novelty” in prosecuting remote tippees many levels removed from the corporate insiders.   The court reversed the convictions on two grounds.  First, the Court held that the government did not sustain its burden of proving that either...