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Posted by Michael Yelnosky
04/26/2016 at 10:40 AM
This law school values diversity and inclusion.  Our commitment is based on three shared principles: First, we believe that the more diverse the law school community is, the more our students will grow intellectually and personally.  Race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and veteran status, for example, are not perfect proxies for the way a person thinks, but in a law school, where so many of the issues we discuss involve questions of social policy, the most meaningful discussions are those among people from different backgrounds who have different...
Posted by Vanessa Rodriguez
04/19/2016 at 09:32 AM
Each semester at RWU Law, two of the school’s great clinical programs schedule classes to bridge the gap between major legal areas. The Immigration Clinic, directed by Deborah Gonzalez, and the Criminal Defense Clinic, directed by Andy Horwitz, come together to learn how the various aspects of these practices areas intertwine. Both clinics are run out of the Providence Downtown Campus and hold classes to learn more about the substantive law surrounding the clinic practice areas. There are some major differences between the areas of Criminal Law and Immigration Law, the most important being...
Posted by Deborah Johnson
04/12/2016 at 01:27 PM
RWU Law is very excited to present the seventh installment in its biennial Thurgood Marshall Memorial Lecture series this week.  This lecture honors the memory and legacy of our nation’s first African American United States Supreme Court Justice. Our featured speaker this year is famed Harvard professor, Dr. Mahzarin Banaji, the Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.  Dr. Banaji has done pioneering work in the area of implicit bias and is one of the architects of the Harvard Implicit Association Test (“IAT”). ...
Posted by Julia Wyman
04/05/2016 at 11:06 AM
MAI Graduate Jobs! When I meet with prospective students interested in marine affairs, they often ask me what kind of jobs our graduates have.  It’s a great question and one that I love answering.  Our graduates can be found all over the country working in diverse marine affairs jobs. Some of our graduates leave RWU Law to work at top-ranked admiralty and maritime focused law firms.  Two graduates of the class of 2015 are part of that group.  Patrick O’Connor can be found at Hill, Betts, & Nash, LLP in New York, New York.  During his time at RWU Law, Patrick was a...