BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH X-WR-CALNAME: Calendar | RWU Law PRODID:-//Drupal iCal API//EN BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.11936.field_date.0.0 SUMMARY:Marine Law Symposium DTSTAMP:20171119T075743Z DTSTART:20161104T123000Z DTEND:20161104T213000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:RWU School of Law\, Bristol\, RI DESCRIPTION: \n \n  \n \n  \n \n  \n \n  \n \n  \n \n */Legal and Policy Approaches to Reduce Marine Debris in New England  // /*\n \n Marine debris poses a serious threat to New England’s coastline. Every \n year\, derelict fishing gear\, plastic bottles\, plastic bags\, cigarettes\, \n abandoned vessels\, and other debris washes ashore in New England. This debris \n causes negative social\, environmental\, and economic impacts\, such as \n decreased aesthetic value\, harm to coastal ecosystem health\, and damage to \n vessels and gear. These challenges create complex management problems for \n coastal managers and attorneys\, who work to mitigate the creation of new \n debris and remove and manage debris that washes ashore.  \n \n This Symposium will discuss the adequacy of U.S. law and policy to prevent \n the creation of new marine debris and to remove debris once it is created. \n The first session will include keynote presentations on the science\, law\, and \n policy of marine debris. Speakers will then examine case studies from coastal \n New England states to consider how each state identified a marine debris \n problem\, took steps to address it\, and how the approach could serve as a \n model elsewhere. Finally\, a panel of attorneys will lead a facilitated \n discussion to identify effective legal and policy strategies to prevent and \n manage marine debris in New England and to frame questions for future \n research.   \n \n  \n \n *FINAL AGENDA [1]*\n \n *SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES [2]*\n \n          \n \n *REGISTRATION FOR THE PUBLIC* [3]* *\n \n \n *FACULTY/STUDENT REGISTRATION* [4]  * **\n *\n \n \n A Symposium dinner will be held on Thursday\, November 3 at the Law School.  \n A reception will begin at 5:30 PM with dinner to follow at 6:00 PM.  Dinner \n tickets are $50 a person\; student cost is $25 a person.  Registration for \n the dinner is included in the "Registration to the Public" link above.\n \n Refunds for the Symposium or Symposium Dinner will be accepted in writing to \n [5] on or before Friday\, October 28\, 2016.\n \n \n *CLE Credits*\n This program has been approved for six (6) Rhode Island MCLE credits with \n zero legal ethics credits.\n \n *Directions\n * [6]Signs for "Law School Event" will direct you to parking.\n GPS Address:  10 Metacom Avenue\, Bristol\, RI \n \n  \n \n Planning Committee:\n *Michelle Carnevale*\, /Program Associate\, 11th Hour Racing/\n *Terra Bowling*\, /Senior Research Counsel\, National Sea Grant Law Center\n /*Casey Charkowick\, Esq. *'16\, /Staff Attorney\, Textron\, Inc.\n /*Monica Allard Cox*\, /Communications Director\, Rhode Island Sea Grant\n /*Michael Daly\, Esq.*\, /Partner\, Pierce Atwood\n /*Dennis H. Esposito\, Esq.*\, /Director\, RWU Law Environmental and Land Use \n Clinical Externship Program and Adjunct Professor\, Marine Affairs Institute\n /*Charlotte M. Ferris*\, /Program Coordinator\, Marine Affairs Institute\n /*Jonathan Gutoff*\, /Professor of Law\, RWU Law\n /*Brett Hargaden*\, /Editor-in-Chief\, RWU Law Review\, Class of 2017\n /*Jennifer McCann*\, /Director\, US Coastal Programs\, URI Coastal Resources \n Center at University of Rhode Island/Rhode Island Sea Grant Extension\n /*Christopher McNally\, Esq.* '13\, /Sayer Regan & Thayer\, LLP\; of Counsel\, \n Clagett Memorial Regatta\; Assistant Solicitor\, Middletown\, Rhode Island\n /*Dennis Nixon*\, /Director\, Rhode Island Sea Grant\, and Professor\, University \n of Rhode Island/\n *Patrick O’Connor\, Esq.* '15\, /Associate Attorney\, Hill\, Betts & Nash LLP\n /*Read D. Porter*\, /Staff Attorney\, Marine Affairs Institute/Rhode Island Sea \n Grant Legal Program/\n *Julia Wyman*\, /Director\, Marine Affairs Institute/Rhode Island Sea Grant \n Legal Program/\n \n Student Representatives:\n *Austyn Carolin*\, /RWU Law\, Class of 2017\n /*Casey Tremper*\, /University of Rhode Island/\n \n  \n \n Please contact [7] or 401-254-5392 with any questions \n regarding this event. \n \n  \n \n  \n \n  \n \n  \n \n \n [1]\n [2]\n [3]\;gid=2&\;pgid=2053&\;cid=3559\n [4]\;gid=2&\;pgid=2056&\;cid=3563\n [5]\n [6]\n [7] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.11951.field_date.0.1 SUMMARY:LSAT Free Practice Test DTSTAMP:20171119T075743Z DTSTART:20161104T140000Z DTEND:20161104T173000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:RWU Law Experiential Campus\, 1 Empire Street\, 4th Floor\, Providence\, RI 02903 DESCRIPTION:RWU Law is partnering with The Princeton Review Boston to offer prospective \n students a LSAT Free Practice Test under test conditions on Friday\, November \n 4\, 2016 from 10:00 AM- 1:30 PM on the 4th floor of RWU Law's new Experiential \n Campus located at 1 Empire Street\, Providence\, RI 02903.  Come get a sense \n of your strengths and weaknesses so you know how to prep for the real LSAT!\n \n  \n \n Register online [1] to participate in the LSAT Free Practice Test.\n \n  \n \n Please contact Jolee Vacchi\, Assistant Director of Admissions\, at \n [2] or (401) 254-4555 with any questions regarding the event.\n \n \n [1]\n [2] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.12036.field_date.0.2 SUMMARY:RWU Law Providence Experiential Campus Celebration DTSTAMP:20171119T075743Z DTSTART:20161104T220000Z DTEND:20161105T000000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:One Empire Street\, Providence DESCRIPTION:*/RWU Law Providence Experiential Campus Celebration\n /*\n \n Open to all alumni\, students\, faculty\, staff\, friends.\n \n Friday\, November 4\n 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.\n \n One Empire Street\n Providence\, Rhode Island\n (Second Floor Reception)\n \n Join *Dean Michael J. Yelnosky *and the *Law Alumni Association* to celebrate \n the NEW Providence Experiential Campus. The facility is home to RWU Law’s \n Criminal Defense\, Immigration\, Business Start Up\, Veteran’s Benefits Appeal \n clinics\, Feinstein Center for Pro Bono & Experiential Education and our \n neighbor Rhode Island Center for Justice.\n \n Reception & Building Tours\n \n Hors d'oeuvres & One Drink Ticket\n Cash Bar to follow.\n \n RSVP to Alumni Relations-Special Events\, Heidi Dagwan at [1] \n or (401) 254-3154.\n \n \n [1] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.12006.field_date.0.3 SUMMARY:DEFAMATION - THE PLAY DTSTAMP:20171119T075743Z DTSTART:20161109T163000Z DTEND:20161109T163000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:RWU Gym\, Bristol Campus DESCRIPTION: **\n \n *11:30 AM*         * Doors Open - Pizza will be served\n 12:00 NOON     Performance Begins*\n \n *DEFAMATION* is an old-fashioned courtroom drama. The premise is a civil \n suit: A South Side African-American woman sues a Jewish North Shore real \n estate developer for defamation. The legal issue is whether or not she was \n falsely accused of stealing his watch and was caused financial \n harm. DEFAMATION explores the highly charged issues of race\, religion\, \n gender\, class\, and the law with a twist: the audience is the jury. Through \n deliberations and post-show discussions\, audiences engage in civil discourse \n that challenges pre-conceived notions. After the trial\, the audience engages \n in a 15-minute deliberation led by the judge. The judge polls the audience \n twice - before the deliberation begins and at its end. The final vote ‘for \n the plaintiff’ or ‘for the defendant’ decides the outcome of the trial.\n \n  For more information about DEFAMATION – THE PLAY\, click here [1].\n \n  RSVP to the Office of Programs & Events | [2]\n \n  /Presented by the Office of Diversity & Outreach\, School of Law/\n \n / Co-Sponsored by the President's Council on Inclusive Excellence through an \n Inclusive Excellence Mini-Grant/\n \n  \n \n \n [1]\n [2] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.11921.field_date.0.4 SUMMARY:Providence Law School Fair DTSTAMP:20171119T075743Z DTSTART:20161110T180000Z DTEND:20161110T200000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:The New RWU Law Experiential Education Campus\, One Empire Plaza\, 4th Floor\, \n Providence\, RI 02903 DESCRIPTION: \n \n Representatives from  law schools across the country will be in downtown \n Providence on November 10th to meet with potential applicants.  This is your \n chance to meet with decision makers at regional and national law schools and \n to learn more about their unique programs.\n \n  \n \n *Details and Registration* [1]\n \n \n [1]\;llr=nvxkdjcab END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.12046.field_date.0.5 SUMMARY:Civil Rights Housing Discrimination – Fair Housing Testing Seminar DTSTAMP:20171119T075743Z DTSTART:20161117T213000Z DTEND:20161117T233000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:Bay View Room - RWU Law Bristol Campus DESCRIPTION:Fair housing testing is a strategy used to determine whether or not people \n looking for housing are being treated differently based on their membership \n in a protected class.  Join us on November 17\, to learn about fair housing \n testing and how you can get involved.\n \n Admission is free\, but seating is limited.  Please RSVP to: \n \n [1].\n \n /Presented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)\, the \n State of Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights\, South Coast Fair Housing & \n The Fair Housing Justice Center of New York./\n \n \n [1] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.12021.field_date.0.6 SUMMARY:Info Session for Prospective Students DTSTAMP:20171119T075743Z DTSTART:20161121T133000Z DTEND:20161121T170000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:RWU Law\, 10 Metacom Avenue\, Bristol\, RI 02809 DESCRIPTION:We invite you to visit Roger Williams University School of Law (Bristol--Main \n Campus) at our November 21st Info Session!  Come learn about our Affordable \n Excellence Initiative [1] and Clinical Guarantee [2].  You will have the \n opportunity to attend a real first year Criminal Law class taught by \n Professor Emily Sack [3]\, meet with an admissions representative\, and take a \n tour of the law school.\n \n To register for the Info Session\, please RSVP [4] here.  If you have any \n questions\, please contact the Office of Admissions at (401) 254-4555 or \n  We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful\, \n seaside Bristol campus soon!\n \n \n [1]\n [2]\n [3]\n [4] END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR