BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH X-WR-CALNAME: Calendar | RWU Law PRODID:-//Drupal iCal API//EN BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.12581.field_date.0.0 SUMMARY:Just Mercy: A discussion about justice and proximity in Rhode Island DTSTAMP:20171215T003510Z DTSTART:20170405T160000Z DTEND:20170405T173000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:School of Law\, Bristol Campus - Room 283 DESCRIPTION:Just Mercy: A discussion about justice and proximity in Rhode Island\, with \n RWU Law's Distinguished Jurists in Residence Judth Savage and Edward Clifton.\n \n Presented by RWU Law Library and Feinstein Center for Pro Bono & Experiential \n Education\, with APIL\, ACLU Student Chapter\, BLSA\, MCLSA\, and Crimianal Law \n Society.\n \n Contact Nicole Dyszlewski at [1] for information.\n \n  \n \n #ProximityRI\n \n \n [1] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.12556.field_date.0.1 SUMMARY:Accepted Students Day DTSTAMP:20171215T003510Z DTSTART:20170407T140000Z DTEND:20170407T180000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:RWU Law Main Campus\, 10 Metacom Avenue\, Bristol\, RI 02809 DESCRIPTION:Accepted Students Day is a wonderful opportunity for those admitted to RWU \n Law for Fall 2017 to meet each other\, tour the school\, chat with faculty \n members\, and get better acquainted with the law school community. \n \n Attendance is by invitation only.  Although the day's events are primarily \n geared towards our admitted students\, a guest is also welcome to attend.  \n Please RSVP here [1] or contact the Office of Admissions at \n [2] or (401) 254-4555.\n \n **Reading [3] for mock class\n \n Tentative schedule [4] of events\n \n \n [1]\n [2]\n [3]\n [4] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.12511.field_date.0.2 SUMMARY:Open Door Speaker Series: Common Mistakes NOT to Make in Drafting & \n Negotiating Contracts DTSTAMP:20171215T003510Z DTSTART:20170413T210000Z DTEND:20170413T220000Z URL;VALUE=URI: LOCATION:RWU Law | Bristol Campus | Bay View Room DESCRIPTION: \n \n Presented by the OPEN DOOR Speaker Series\n \n */Guest Speaker/: \n Andrew Spacone\, RWU Law business law professor and former Deputy General \n Counsel at Textron\, Inc*\n \n Experienced business attorneys learn how to draft and negotiate good and \n valuable contracts for their clients by learning from the many common \n mistakes lawyers make in the practical\, business-related aspects of drafting \n and negotiating.  A good contract is drafted for the client’s business \n objectives\, to prevent future litigation\, and to save the client time and \n money over the life of a deal.  Come hear Professor Spacone share the most \n important\, practical\, common sense lessons he has learned over 37 years of \n in-house and outside law firm practice.\n \n Speaker followed by light refreshments in the Bay View Room.\n \n RSVP | [1]\n \n  \n \n \n [1] END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR