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The Marine Affairs Institute holds a major symposium every other year. These events draw national and international experts in their various fields to RWU Law. Students can attend these symposia for free. Past topics range from fisheries law, climate change and the legacy of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

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Members & Officers

2013-2014 Board
Alisha Perry, President
Jeff Sheehan, Vice President
Amanda Lawton, Supporting Member
Nicole Verdi, Supporting Member
General Members
Tunde Adepegba
Jose Batista 
Nicholas Denice 
Jennifer Fournier
Alyse Galoski
Kaela Jalbert 
Paige Munro
Thomas Pagliarini
Leticia Tavares
Antonio Viana
Joshua Xavier

2012-2013 Board
Will Wray, President
Brooklin Eleoff, Vice President
Christa Harris, Chair of Finance and Development
Leah Miraldi, Director of Communications and Records
General Members
Greg Abilheira
Nikoletta Agouras
Allison Belknap
Andy Covington
Stephanie DeLuca
Chet Jackson
Christopher McNally
Rory Munns
Nick Nybo
Pamela Ornstil

2011-2012 Board
Dylan Murphy, President
Celine Gaston, Vice President
Ezra Willey, Chair of Finance and Development
Kristin Fitzharris, Director of Communications and Records
General Members
Jonathan Cook
Andre Digou
Kevin Olasanoye
Jay Werther

2010-2011 Board
Robert Cavanagh, President
Amy Broderick, Vice President
Kathryn Blythe, Chair of Finance and Development
Tysha Vaughn, Director of Communications and Records
General Members
John Meara
Justin Pruett
Rebecca Carey
Gretchen Lowery

2009-2010 Board
Charles Ryan, President
Alexandra O'Connor, Vice President
Nick Yousif, Chair of Finance & Development
Tara O'Brien, Director of Communications and Records
General Members
John Dorsey
Hala Furst
Craig Graham
Ron Rose

2008-2009 Board
Megan B. Kilzy, President
Andrea Merolla-Simister, Vice President
Seth Thomas Aitken, Chair of Finance & Development
Michael Richards, Director of Communications & Records
General Members
Sara Burke
Catherine Lemery
Kyle Rocha
Tyler Smith

2007-2008 Board
Krystal Bubnick, President
Aaron Frey, Chair of Finance and Development
Michelle Gobin, Director of Communications and Records
General Members
Teresa Giusti
Katherine Johnston
Majessire Smith
Michael Smuda
Paul Tureaw
Carla Walker

2006-2007 Board
Jacquelyn Mouquin, President
Sharon Atkinson, Vice President
Justin Lonergan, Chair of Finance and Development
Ashley Hover, Secretary
Tasha Andrade Clark, Clark Competition Co-Chair
Melissa Malloy, Clark Competition Co-Chair
Nicholas Phinney, Problem Writer
Peter Jones, Problem Writer
Christine Biscotti
Brian Koshulsky
Theresa Sousa

2005-2006 Board
Alison LaBoissonniere, President
Victoria Moreno-Jackson, Vice President
Nicole Dulude, First Year Coordinator
Jeffrey Ward, Treasurer
Tracy Steinbach, Clark Competition Co-Chair
Bianca Resmini, Clark Competition Co-Chair

2004-2005 Board
Kerin Browning
Heather Cornwell
Patrick Cushing
Ronald Grant
Eric Hammarlund
Adam Maiocco
Jacqueline Marro
Katie McAllister
Sarah Potter
Susan Wilson