RWU Tube

Alternative Spring Break, New Orleans, 2009

Fast Facts

RWU Law is one of only 5 law schools in the country that specializes in marine affairs. Of these schools, RWU Law is only one of 2 that specialize in admiralty and maritime law.

First Impressions

Newport Boat Show

SBA Officers

Officers for the 2013-2014 Academic Year


President: Steven Sokolov
Executive Vice President: Dominique Tonnachio
Administrative Vice President: Elizabeth Blank
Treasurer: Adam Forsblom
Corresponding Secretary: Valerie Leon
Recording Secretary: vacant
ABA Representative: Jeffrey Sheehan
Representative at Large: Caitlyn Kelly
Third Year Representatives: Patrick Nemes & Valerie Morozov
Second Year Representatives: Nicholas Resendes & Andrea Nelson













Elections for vacant positions and First Year Class Representatives will be held in early fall.  All first-year students are eligible for nomination.