By Dean Michael J. Yelnosky
Whenever possible, I try not to simply assert that the program at RWU Law is special.  Instead I try to give specific examples, preferably “objective” examples, or examples that do not come from...

Fast Facts

RWU Law offers a joint JD and master’s degree in marine affairs with the University of Rhode Island. Only 3 law schools in the U.S. offer such a joint degree.

Accounting for Lawyers

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Accounting is the fundamental language of business.  Businesses speak many different languages but the essential, core language, the one that deals directly with business performance and viability is accounting.  In this course we will study some of the basic concepts of accounting such as debits and credits, double entry bookkeeping, financial statements, assets, liabilities, shareholders’ equity, accrual and cash methods of accounting, time value of money, depreciation, auditing, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  We will explore how a working knowledge of these concepts is helpful to attorneys in a wide variety of different contexts so that, when you find yourself in a situation that requires at least a basic understanding of accounting concepts, you will be able to use that knowledge to successfully fulfill your role as an attorney.