By Dean Michael J. Yelnosky
Whenever possible, I try not to simply assert that the program at RWU Law is special.  Instead I try to give specific examples, preferably “objective” examples, or examples that do not come from...

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RWU Law provides students a broad range of marine resource and maritime courses taught by full professors as well as expert practitioners.  The curriculum includes courses in admiralty, fisheries, piracy, ocean and coastal law, ocean policy, and climate change.

Consumer Bankruptcy In Practice

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This course offers a hands-on approach to learning how to intake, analyze, process, file and complete consumer bankruptcy cases in Federal Bankruptcy Court. We will discuss the rights debtors and creditors under state law outside of bankruptcy, and in which cases bankruptcy is an appropriate option for addressing financial difficulties. Bankruptcy relief will be reviewed for debtors under Chapters 7 and Chapter 13. The primary goal of this course is to develop a working understanding of how to represent consumer debtors in Federal Bankruptcy Court.