Faculty News

  • Church State
    Is Wall Between Church and State Crumbling?
    Professor Diana Hassel, associate dean for academic affairs at RWU Law, has written a piece for the Roger Williams First Amendment blog.
  • Jones Act
    Gutoff, Nixon on Puerto Rico
    Amid mass power outages, food and water shortages, experts say that a 97-year-old maritime law could make recovering from the disaster more difficult.
  • Travel Ban
    AP: Margulies on New Travel Ban
    Professor Peter Margulies weighs in on how President Trump's revamped travel ban might attract new legal challenges — and how they might fare.

The Honorable Steven Minicucci

The Honorable Steven Minicucci
Adjunct Professor of Law
Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court

The Honorable Steven Minicucci is a judge on the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court. Prior to his appointment to the bench, Judge Minicucci was a litigation and trial attorney at Calvino Law Associates where his work included estate planning, drafting, and workers' compensation. He was also the Probate Judge for the Town of Warren, RI.