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Our students have contributed more than 120,211 hours of unpaid, law-related public service since 2000.

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Rhode Island Edition

Roger Williams University School of Law is the only law school in Rhode Island, and the Roger Williams University Law Review is the only Law Review publication that has an edition focused solely on the legal issues impacting the state of Rhode Island.

The Rhode Island Edition is published each May 4th to commemorate Rhode Island’s Independence from Great Britain on May 4, 1776.  The Rhode Island Edition contains articles written by accomplished practitioners and scholars who are well versed on the legal issues affecting Rhode Island.  This edition also contains student Notes and Comments written by Roger Williams University Law Review editorial staff members who write exclusively on Rhode Island topics.  Finally, the edition contains surveys of the most important Rhode Island Supreme Court cases decided during the latest term, and summaries of public laws recently enacted by the Rhode Island General Assembly.  To download articles from recent Rhode Island Editions, please see the Past Issues page.

Highlighted below are two recent Rhode Island Supreme Court decisions and the student-written surveys of those cases published in the most recent Rhode Island Edition.  Additionally, highlighted below are two recently enacted public laws and their summaries from the most recent legislative session of the Rhode Island General Assembly: