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Our Pro Bono Collaborative mobilizes Rhode Island law firms, law students and community organizations to provide desperately needed legal assistance for the underserved residents of the state.  The unique program includes 10 major law firms, over 20 community-based organizations and several dozen law students.

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FAQs: Digital Resources

How do I obtain a LexisNexis ID, Westlaw ID or BloombergLaw ID?

  • IDs are issued during first-year training.
  • Transfer students should contact the Associate Law Librarian to obtain IDs.

What do I do if I have a problem with my LexisNexis ID or Westlaw ID?

  • First, make sure that the ID is registered online.
  • Second, if it is during the summer, make sure that the ID was extended for summer access at the appropriate website. Summer access is available to students taking classes, working for a faculty member, or competing for law review/moot court.
  • Finally, if none of the above works, come see, call, or e-mail the Associate Law Librarian.

How do I use the Law Library’s digital resources from home?

  • Off-campus access to the Law Library's licensed resources is available to all faculty, students, and staff of the School of Law through a proxy server. When you use the links in the digital resources list, which include the proxy information for remote access, you will be prompted for your name and library barcode. The barcode is on the back of your School of Law ID.

How do I  register to use LexisNexis Courtroom Cast, including the AudioCase files and Video Training Library?

  • Access is based on your RWU School of Law email address. When you register for access at: http://courtroomcast.lexisnexis.com/signin, be certain to use your School of Law email account in the registration process.

How do I obtain the code I need to register for and login to use the CALI lessons from the CALI website?

  • Ask any librarian.

How do I download eBooks?

  • The library offers selected titles in eBook format. Review the library’s guide, eBooks at the Law Library, for assistance related using particular devices, Kindle, Android, Apple, Nook, or Sony.