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Fast Facts

The Marine Affairs Institute holds a major symposium every other year. These events draw national and international experts in their various fields to RWU Law. Students can attend these symposia for free. Past topics range from fisheries law, climate change and the legacy of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

First Impressions

Bristol Fourth of July Parade


Can I print wirelessly from my laptop or mobile device?

  • You may upload a document, print from a web address, print  (configuration required), or print from email.
  • Please follow the appropriate directions in our page on Wireless Printing.

How can I photocopy in the library?

  • There are two copiers available for use by library patrons, located in the Library Print Center. 

How much is printing and photocopying?

  • Printing is $0.07 per page with a print/copy card.
  • Photocopying is $0.05 per page with a print/copy card.

How do I obtain a print/copy card?

  • Use your RWU Law Student ID as a print/copy card. Your student ID includes a per semester print/copy credit of $15.00. 
  • The printing/photocopying credit on the ID card may not be used for other purposes.
  • If you do not have your ID, you may purchase a card from the “ValuePort” terminal in the Library Print Center for $1, $5, $10 or $20 values.

Where do I add money to my RWU Law Student ID card?

  • At the "ValuePort" terminal in the Library Print Center. 
  • At the Student Finance and Records or Food Services offices.

NOTE: Money added to your ID card may be used for printing/copying or any other purpose.

 Can I use cash instead of a card for printing/copying?

  • No. 

Where can I obtain change?

  • The Law Library does not have change available. However, student services, the bookstore, or the cafeteria will usually oblige. 

Getting Help with Printers/Copiers

What do I do if the copier malfunctions?

  • Notify the staff at the Circulation Desk. For paper jams or more paper, they will attempt to resolve the problem. For more serious problems, they will contact the appropriate personnel. 

What do I do if a printer malfunctions?

  • If a computer lab monitor is on duty, ask the monitor for assistance. If a monitor is on duty, a sign will be posted at the Circulation Desk with the monitor’s photograph to make it easier for you find the monitor.
  • If no monitor is on duty, ask at the Circulation Desk. The problem may be one they can resolve or they will request assistance from the Technology/Access Services Assistant or a librarian.

What if a card reader takes money from my card, but I do not receive my copy/printout?

  • Check first with the computer lab monitor or Circulation Desk staff for assistance. The problem may be one they can resolve or they will request assistance from appropriate library personnel.